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fsm - Friends of Stellenbosch Mountain

Subject: Friends of Stellenbosch Mountain

Description: Friends of Stellenbosch Mountain is a volunteer organisation dedicated to the nature areas on and around Stellenbosch Mountain from Coetzenburg to Haelkop. We do regular hacking, i.e. removal of invasive plants such as Port Jacksons, Black Wattles, Pines, Eucalyptus, Bugweed etc. We coordinate our work closely with the Municipality of Stellenbosch and other role players in the area. We estimate that we have removed between 100,000 and 200,000 invasive plants and trees on the slopes of Stellenbosch Mountain since we began hacking in earnest in 2008.

Hacking is hard work but also a great way to work out while making a big difference to the environment. The benefits of regular hacking stretch over decades; it literally changes the face of the mountain.

Learn more about the ecology of the Cape fynbos and the lower-lying renosterveld while you hack, or simply enjoy the beauty of nature around you on a fresh morning in the veld.

We hold our regular hacks on the third Saturday of every month, usually starting at 7h00 in summer and 13h00 in winter. Special hacks and events are held as they come.

FSM has also been active in erosion control and in the planning processes of the municipality, see

We have a small website at where you can find more details.

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