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aurora.firstyears - Aurora PSO

Subject: Aurora PSO

Description: Good Evening,

I apologize for the previous emails, we had some technical difficulties. The email lists will be
restored soon. We wont be spamming you again in the future. Please delete the previous emails.

I have attached a link to our first year letter for you to provide some clarity on what a PSO is, what is going to happen during welcoming week, what to expect and who Aurora is.

Or you can wait for the first year letter that is going to be sent via email tommorrow.

My apologies for the previous emails once again

If you have more questions you can post on:


Or also find out the first year letter on our first year blog:

Or email me again

Warm regards,

Justin Groep
Primarius 2011/2012

Aurora PSO
Stellenbosch University
Cell : 072 905 1288 / 076 066 4689
Email :

Aurora: Respect.Integrity.Unity.Individuality.Gees

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